Monday, January 6, 2014

Speed Scrappin at 6am

Yes, you read that title right... I got up at 6am this morning (An hour earlier than I had to - on a Monday no less!) to attend and complete a speed scrap at the Lilypad!  Sometimes I think I'll do anything for a coupon, hahaha.

Here were the instructions:

Step 1: Choose a lightly patterned background paper. Then add at least 3 other papers to your page, hanging off two different edges. These can be angled for more interest.

Step 2: Secure these top papers down with at least 2 different items... either tape, staples, stitching, brads, pins etc... The more fasteners, the better.

Step 3: Add one photo to your page and frame or mat it.

Step 4: Place several elements behind (at least 3) and on top (at least 3) of your photo. Beginner Note: the flatter elements go in the back and the more dimensional elements go on top.

Step 5: Add doodles or paint. Note: you can use the technique from Day 3 if you choose to cross your paper or photo with your doodles/paint.
Or you can just add the doodles/paint to the background paper.

Step 6: Add a dimensional title to your page (alpha, stitch, etc) and add your date/journaling.

Step 7: Shadow and add as much extra stuff as you want. :)

And here is my page:

Be Awesome
click image for credits

I know I kind of skimped on step 6, but what kind of journaling can you do of a picture of your own face at 6 in the morning after you've already used this picture in 3 other layouts, haha.  I completed my layout in about 40 minutes, uploaded it, got ready for work and even left the house on time!  My husband didn't notice I got out of bed early... nobody tell him, I don't want him to know I can actually wake up in the morning when I want to!  :)

This speed scrap and layout are part of The Lilypad's month of challenges... if you're not doing it yet, you should be!  Lots of chances to win prizes and everyone who completes all 31 challenges will receive a $20 coupon to the store!  (I told you I'd do anything for a coupon!!)  Check out the details here:

Thanks for reading!!

♥ Catherine

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  1. So funny! And great page. Love the colors. Have fun with the MoC's!